My name is Brian Hamm and I’m passionate about the game of baseball. Ever since I was 4 years old, I had a dream of playing Major League Baseball. Not highly recruited out of high school, I went to Junior College where I was the Conference Player of the Year in my Freshman season. A series of injuries following that season derailed my career, but also gave me lots of time to reflect on my own development and how I could have been better. It is through this research that I became passionate about the developmental aspect of baseball players.

How can you help me?

I’m always looking for advantages to help my players achieve. Over the years, I’ve obtained knowledge on how to develop players to reach their maximum potential. I know you’re thinking that if I had this information, why am I not in the Big Leagues? Well, I feel that I learned what I know now way too late in my career for me to change who I was as a player. The basic premise of this service came because I wanted amateur players to understand these concepts earlier in their development in order to build themselves into something great.

Why did you create this company?

Quite frankly, because I’m disgusted with the lack of quality information in player development. Looking back on my career, I felt the high level concepts I eventually learned came too late for me to capitalize on my own career. It is my mission and goal to provide baseball players all over the country with the information they need to develop themselves as complete baseball players.

 Can you impact me as a player?

It’s my goal to work relentlessly in order to give my players, clients, and coaches the biggest competitive advantage that will allow them to reach their full potential. My mission is to spread my knowledge to baseball players around the world and help change the developmental process forever.

 Why should I trust you?

With years of research, experience, and obsession with the details of baseball, I have your back. With resources in all the different areas of development, I’ll give you the ultimate power in development: knowledge. Different levels of my program will allow you to obtain information, coaching videos, coaching calls, webinars, and personal coaching. These strategies and tactics will take your game to new heights. With the information and accountability I’m providing you, I’m ultimately setting you up to have the knowledge and power to coach yourself, better than anyone else possibly can.

Can I afford it?

The program consists of many different levels based off your financial situation. For example, new blogs will be posted that can be accessed for free. Other levels require an investment because of the in depth training. If you like the information you see so far and think I can provide value for you, email me and we’ll set up a time to discuss the approach that will work best for you.