The Power of Struggle


Let me break it to you straight. The future state of baseball is in flux. Why? We live in a soft generation. An entitled generation. A generation where we expect things handed to us.

Playing time, scholarships, and trophies. You’re not entitled to it. It’s not for everybody. It’s earned.

I think our generation is struggling to grasp that concept. And as a result, you will start to see a softened game of baseball. A true lack of resiliency.

When things get hard, when things don’t go as planned, we search for a perfect solution.

This completely disregards the number 1 rule in life. Struggle is a biological requirement for growth. It can’t be avoided. And if it is, you are missing the benefits of the most powerful gift in life.

The power of struggle is more important than anything else in the quest for greatness. And yet, we seek the perfect path. The path with the least obstacles. The path that will allow us to stay comfortable, happy, and content. The team that promises playtime. The team that plays you at your favorite position. The coach that caters to all of your individual needs.

Andruw Jones is a Hall of Fame center fielder. Few people know that he made the switch from third base to center field at age 15 so he could get more playtime. Most players now days would just switch teams so they could play third base. They would resent the fact that they had to move to a new position. Why? It interferes with the perfect path.

This lack of resiliency, this entitlement, will directly lead to your demise as a ball player. I hate to break it to you, but third base is not YOUR position. Third base is a position you earn every single day through your attitude, work ethic, and performance. You best believe someone out there is working their a** off to earn the position that you call “yours”.

And when the day comes that he’s good enough to take it from you, most of you will quit, transfer, switch teams, or blame anything and everyone but yourself. You won’t fight for it. You won’t struggle for it. You’ll avoid it altogether.

What you don’t realize is that this struggle is exactly what you need. How else can you learn, grow, and develop?

Yet fewer people are seeing it that way. They see challenges as an interruption of perfection. An interruption of the “plan”.

Struggle is an opportunity to learn and grow at a rate significantly higher than that of the “perfect path.”

The perfect path doesn’t exist. Because the perfect path is anything but perfect. It’s tough, hard, and sometimes seems downright impossible. This is the path that you NEED! It requires you to grow, develop, and mature. It forces you to stretch your ability, overcome adversity, and deal with failure.

We all respect people who go through the struggle and come out on top. Yet we don’t understand that this struggle was not something they just went through on their journey to success. This struggle is THE reason they achieved success.

They embraced struggle as an opportunity to grow and move forward. And without it, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Michael Jordan got cut from varsity basketball as a sophomore. And that was the biggest gift he could have asked for. An opportunity to struggle. To fail. To overcome something he wanted, but didn’t get.

Without this struggle, I’m willing to guarantee he wouldn’t have reached the status of greatest basketball player ever. His “perfect path” at the time was to make varsity as a sophomore. But had he glided smoothly along this perfect path, he would have been robbed of a gift. A gift that provided him the fuel to eventually be the greatest ever.

In today’s era of sports, we are starting to avoid struggle by skipping it all together. As soon as things get hard, we look for different options. Options that will allow you to enjoy a smoother ride.

Here’s my advice: DON’T

Embrace the struggle and see it for what it truly is a gift.

The best way to grow and develop is to attempt something out of your comfort zone. Something that requires you to fail, learn, adjust, and try again.

  1. Fail
  2. Learn
  3. Adjust
  4. Try Again

Development in any skill requires these 4 steps. The more opportunities you have to go through the process of these 4 steps, the better you’ll become at any given skill.

Struggle is a better teacher or coach than any person can possibly be. It’s the key to success.

Therefore, the power of struggle is not optional on your road to success. It’s mandatory!

Embrace it, welcome it, love it!
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My name is Brian Hamm and I am all about "Baseball Development". Through my journey as a high school and college player, I always felt that a competitive advantage eluded me. I constantly researched and discovered new resources, ideas, and theories that have shaped how I coach today. It’s my goal to work relentlessly in order to give my players, clients, and coaches the biggest competitive advantage that will allow them to reach their full potential. My mission is to spread my knowledge to baseball players around the world and help change the developmental process forever.

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