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“Dude. This is freaking awesome. Amazingly detailed, valuable information. I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with; your research, your ability to present the information in such a clear and precise natural way, or the actual information, processes, and videos that you share in the book. This is a home run! Really good stuff!”

-Jack Jones (Former Cal State Fullerton Shortstop, ’95 CWS National Champion)

“I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Brian and I can say that he is dedicated to helping players reach their potential. With “The No-Nonsense Baseball Player’s Guide To Peak Performance”, Brian provides a road-map for improving all aspects of the game. Players, coaches, and parents will benefit from the book’s info, drills, and insight.”

-Jerry Brewer (Hitting Instructor, EBHI)

“Brian has taken my game from an average high school player to an elite college player, with a chance to play at the next level through his knowledge and dedication to make me better.”

-Hayden Duer (Catcher, Cal State Monterey Bay)

“This book truly has everything you need to become a better player. I have stuck to the concepts in this book and I couldn’t believe the results that came with it.”

-Nicholas Maestas (High School Freshman)


Quality At-Bat System

Are you always concerned with your batting average? If so, you’re limiting your ability to perform at your highest level! This system is designed to get the most out of your baseball playing ability through the implementation of a process-oriented approach (measuring controllable outcomes); as oppose to a result oriented approach (measuring batting average). So many players and coaches get caught up in the end-results such as wins, losses, hits, and batting average to measure success. But what they don’t understand is that focusing on the end-result is actually limiting their ability to get the DESIRED result! Focusing on uncontrollable outcomes can lead to an inconsistent approach and mentality. This system is designed to measure at-bats based on how well you execute your process, which will allow them to play at your highest level consistently!


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